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Feeling healthy and well is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. Heal both your soul and body with our miraculous treatments and return home as a new person, calm and refreshed.

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Monday – Sunday

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7 am to 10 pm

Price Range

$30 to $169


A Boost For Your Wellbeing

A Boost For Your Wellbeing A Boost For Your Wellbeing

Our Services

Our tranquility experts help you access the key
elements of wellness. Our experiences are in Spanish and English.

**Please reserve a day before to have a place in the class.**

$ 40

Aerial Dance by Cristian

  • 10 a.m & 1 p.m
  • 8-10 persone/ group
  • 90-120 minutes

**Book in advance, please**

Aerial Dance

90- 120 minutes $40

Start: 10 a.m

Start: 1 p.m

Aerial dance is a mesmerizing blend of acrobatics and artistry, where performers gracefully defy gravity on suspended apparatuses, creating captivating narratives through their movements.It’s a unique journey into a world where human bodies become poetry in motion, making it an unforgettable experience for both performers and spectators.

What will you do?

30 min. Training

30 min. Leaning routine

30 min. Explore the movement

**Personalized classes**


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